Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Enterate! Newsletter April 30-May 1st

(NEWSALERT,April 30- May 1st) VIPVIDA Productions New York:
Saturday Night with an unforgettable live performance of LOS ADOLESCENTES, Legend Vidal Cedeno,a pioneer in New York Latin concerts, unveiled in his new vision 'VIDAL CEDENO CLUB CONCERT SERIES' to a sold out crowd at El Morocco! What a concert! What a night! LOS ADOLESCENTES started out the night live on Alex Sensation's Mega 97.9 show with Vidal & Henry, then to the legendary El Morocco to a Paparazzi, camera flash filled entry.These guys are Stars! What better place than El Morocco,the center of New York's thriving Latin Nightlife,for Vidal Cedeno's new vision! Up Next: Dominican Mothers Day Concert May 29th with SERGIO VARGAS & MIRIAM CRUZ only at El Morocco!

This past Saturday at the Tropicana lived up to All the hype!The Biggest Nightclub Event Ever! Mega 97.9 DJ LOBO's Celebrity Birthday Bash with all the Stars! The performance went All night on Two stages and the partying did not stop until past 6 in the morning! DJ Lobo had it seemed all of New York coming to see him that night! Nobody missed Lobo's Big Birthday Party! YOSKAR SERANTE,JOE VERAS,TULILE,TOBY LOVE....too many to list!..All on Stage to the close to 1,000 in attendance! BREAKING NEWS From the Party! TONO ROSARIO diverted his Limousine on the way to the Airport to stop at the Tropicana and personally wish DJ Lobo a Happy Birthday! This Night had it all! Happy Birthday DJ LOBO!

THIS WEEK AT EL MOROCCO: Exclusivo! Por Primera Vez! EL PRODIGIO! JOE VERAS! Together! Joe Veras picked El Morocco to celebrate his Birthday and El Prodigio is joining him! Its going to be a Birthday Party and a great Show with these two Superstars together in one Night! Not to be Missed! Advance Tickets are only $25! or Celebrate your Birthday with Joe Veras Free...Call us!
El Morocco's weekend starts on Friday with: El Morocco's Afterwork Salsa Fridays! Salsa! Featuring salsa legend JIMMY BOSCH performing live! Afterwork Salsa!
Followed Late Night by: A Special Friday Night Event! The All Pro, HeavyHitter DJ PROSTYLE! ! : with LMP's DJ MANIATIKO and a Live LMP Broadcast! Ladies Your Free All Night!

THIS WEEK AT TROPICANA:Exclusive! For the First Time Ever! LOS ADOLESCENTES! LOS ADOLESCENTES LIVE AT THE TROPICANA! The Hits keep coming at the Tropicana too! Mega 97.9 DJ Anuedy"s CD Release Party with the Hottest Band in New York! Los Adolescentes en Vivo! What a Night this will be with Mega 97.9's DJ Anuedy,Mega After Party's DJ Polito Jr.,DJ Bacan,LMP's DJ Antony and the HeavyHitter DJ Precise in the Red Hot Tiger Room! Advance tickets are only $20 with Ladies Free till Midnight! Only at the Trop!

See you in the Clubs this weekend! New York...the Greatest Nightclub scene in the World!
Albania Rosario

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