Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Enterate! Newsletter! Week of May 29th-2010

(NEWSALERT,May 28,May 29) VIPVIDA Productions New York: Fernando Villalona was back on stage and back in form at his Favorite Club in New York: El Morocco. Loyal fans danced and applauded for the entire 1 & 1/2 hour performance. El Morocco is that unique place where Fans and Superstars, Players and Playboys, mingle under the same roof. Among El Mayimbe’s die hard fans was the controversial Male Fe, Mega 97.9's Shino Aguakate, of coarse Tony Russo, Impresarios Andy Salas, Roberto Geronimo and others. As usual the evening masterfully held together by the one and only DJ Fragancia.
Across town the Big numbers this past weekend were at Tropicana. The New Topless at the Trop Fridays are a Hit! Lapdance Heaven, Beautiful Exotic Dancers all night at this plush, high-end 'Only on Fridays' Gentleman’s club. Tropicana Saturdays always Hot, were hotter than ever with the winning combination of El Sujeto, Mega 97.9's DJ Lobo and the Heavy Hitter DJ Prostyle! ....Not to be overlooked,our favorite (and according to the ratings,All of New York’s) Late Night Mega team DJ Polito Jr & DJ Bacan who were looking for Lap Dances. Sorry guys that’s only on Fridays!

THIS WEEKEND AT EL MOROCCO: El Concierto 'Dia De Las Madres Dominicanas'! Our Annual Memorial Day Weekend Concert! Saturday,May 29th: SERGIO VARGAS! Sergio Vargas with MIRIAM CRUZ & SUS CHICAS! Together for the first time celebrating Dominican Mothers Day weekend! Exclusive! A Vidal Cedeno Production! This Saturday the Biggest Event in the City is at El Morocco! Also featuring Mega 97.9's DJ Anuedy and DJ Fragancia! You can Buy your Advance Tickets at $25 and reserve your tables early for this special event! Call 212 939-0909.
FRIDAY MAY 28th, El Morocco's Fridays: We are Celebrating Q's Birthday Bash! EL SAPITO! A Live Performance by VILLANOSAM & MOZART LA PARA! Singing the #1 Club hit: EL SAPITO! Also LMP's DJ Maniatiko & DJ Anthony, alongside DJ Magic Sound!! Ladies Free All Night! Men Free until Midnight, then $15 All Night! Don't forget... Ladies Your Free All Night this Friday at El Morocco!

THIS WEEK AT TROPICANA: The Tiger Room's 'Topless at the Trop' Continues! This week even more Girls! More Erotica! More Exotica! More Lap Dances! More of everything! Get your Tropicana dollars! Every Friday and 'Only on Fridays' we transform into New York's Newest and Hottest Gentleman's Club! Exotic Topless dancers All Night on Stage and on the poles! LMP's DJ Shy in the booth with a Special Guest: the HeavyHitter DJ C-Lo! Hosting the night: the Crowd Mover... L Boogs! Topless Dancers ...Only at the Trop Each and Every Friday!
TROPICANA SATURDAYS: Memorial Day Weekends Hottest Party! EL REY TULILE! With VILLANOSAM & MOZART LA PARA! Singing their Super Hit! EL SAPITO! Only at Tropicana Saturdays...The Number One Saturday Night Party in All New York with Mega 97.9's DJ Smalls, Mega After Party's DJ Polito Jr.,DJ Bacan, LMP's DJ Antony and the HeavyHitter DJ Kast One in the Tiger Room! Ladies Free Till 1am! This Saturday Only at the Trop!

Book your Birthday with us Free and have the Best Birthday Party of your Life with your friends at New York's Top Latin Nightclubs with a Free bottle of Champagne, Birthday Cake, Balloons and more! Share your Birthday with the Stars!
Call me to book yours today at 212-939-0909/ 212-939-0901

Because We listen to You!
Attention: Due to Numerous complaints and to better satisfy our customers: All Bands will be at the Clubs prior to 2AM. Recently Bands have started showing up Later & Later as they overbook themselves throughout the New York area. On behalf of our Loyal customers we are no longer going to allow this to happen. We at El Morocco and Tropicana are taking a stand against this problem from here forward :

See you in the Clubs this weekend! New York...the Greatest Nightclub scene in the World!
Albania Rosario

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